1. Kushimoto Bushi

2. Ho Hi Bushi

3. Otemoyan


4. Mamurogawa Ondo

5. Yasugi Bushi



1. Akita Nikata Bushi

2. Toichin Bushi



3. Tanko Bushi

4. Aizubandaisan

5. Sumo Jinku

In the 21st century, the folk song Crusader's recreates the fusion of Japanese folk songs and Latin rhythms that the great predecessors, Tokyo Cuban Boys and Noche Kubana, tried to embrace in the early postwar period. Formed mainly by Fussa-based guitarist Katsumi Tanaka and folk singer Freddie Tsukamoto. A complete collection of folk songs from a new era created through sessions at the US Army House with musicians familiar with Latin, Caribbean, and Jamaican music.

Even before the official CD was released, that Ry Cooder was featured on Twitter, featured in magazines and newspapers, and appeared in "Peter Barakan's LIVE MAGIC!", A music festival supervised by Peter Barakan. The long-awaited debut album of the popular band, Folk Song Crusader's, which has already received a lot of attention. Japanese folk songs that everyone knows are reborn with strange arrangements such as Latin, Boogaloo, Cumbia, Reggae, Afrobeat and Ethiofunk. An unknown world woven by vibrant sounds based on three percussion instruments and singing of legitimate folk songs. Experience a completely new sound and groove that attracts not only folk songs and ondo lovers, but also Latin music lovers, ska and reggae fans, Afrobeat and frontier groove lovers.

Outdoor festivals incorporating Bon festival dances and festivals have been held in various parts of Japan, including the rise of Japanese goods in the context of club music these days and the "Hashishita World Music Festival" in Toyoda City, Aichi Prefecture. Kawachi Ondo Obon Odori> is showing a strange excitement, and there is no doubt that it will attract a lot of attention!

Kenjiro Ando of Cassette Conros participated as a guest. Naoyuki Uchida (LITTLE TEMPO, OKI DUB AINU BAND, etc.) mixed the recordings at the US military house in Fussa. Yutaka Kimura (Central67) is in charge of the jacket design.




"Following Yuji Hamaguchi and Black Wax, Makoto Kubota introduced me to my favorite band again. When I said that I would put a real folk song on a funky Latin beat, many people said," I'm sure you'll have a "???", but this is really pleasant, and especially when you listen to it live, it feels quite right. The folk song Crusader's will appear at Live Magic (livemagic.jp), a festival where I am the curator, so please come and see it !! "
Peter Barakan


"Folk Song Crusader's! I will never forget the shock when I first heard it. Kushimoto Bushi is always a killer tune. And finally the full album! 2017 will surely be the first year of the folk song New Wave!"
Central67 / Yutaka Kimura (graphic designer)


"I'm a friend of Kimura-kun from Central67, who designs jackets like Spitz, but when Kimura-kun's record-collecting taste changed from railroad to folk songs, why?" When I asked, "I'm going to dance to Tanjun," he said, "I'm Minkuru, and that's where I go to live shit."
Moog Yamamoto (Buffalo Daughter on leave)


"I like people too much and sometimes faint."
Sota Takagi


"The first time I saw Minkuru was at a live house in Fussa, and I wonder if this day was my debut live.
The chaotic style of singing folk songs with Afrobeat in the background made my heart squeak.
I'm glad I was Japanese ♡
Please fly to the world as soon as possible and let everyone on the earth squeak. "
Kensuke Kojima (Designer)


"A folk song spun rhythmically with rich emotions.
This is like a creative fermented food.
In the heat and cheerfulness, there is a taste of loneliness. "
Toshiya Gomi (Kiokuza)


"For many people living in the present age," folk songs "are some traditional singing, one of the old events,
It may just be an event from a long time ago.
But those who listened to the song long ago couldn't stay still like this,
I'm sure you forget the time like this
You must have thought that it was "cool" like this. "
Eri Ishiyama (Kiokuza)


"Roots x Roots What a pure sound!
Are you ahead of the times?
Is it going backwards?

The sound of the Heretical Crusaders is
Regardless of the color of the skin, races around the world will dance in Japanese folk songs. "
Skipjack Yusuke (Kioku)


"It's interesting to see the unidentified energy of the music that was far away, circling around and mingling in various ways.
The live performance of the folk song Crusader's, which I played for the first time at Sangenjaya, was the best.
You see, this is a band started by immigrants shortly after the war, you see, this is a fictional band that appears in sci-fi movies in the near future, you see, this is a multinational band that bustles the modern club scene every night. Which one makes me believe it.
A toast from the bottom of my heart to the cheerful drunk people who come and go freely in space and time. "
Tetsutaro Take (Bakurocho Band)